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People Partnership Programs

ACACIA’s approach recognises that building capability for optimal impact cannot rely upon increased technical knowledge alone. World-class researchers in the UK and in Africa must complement this technical knowledge with an intellectual understanding of science as a process, with extensive international networks and with the skills necessary to exploit and communicate the outputs of their science



AfriPlantSci Masterclass

The AfriPlantSci program a takes world leading plant scientists from around the world and provides a world class training course over the course of a week


Partnering with AWARD

African Women in Agriculture and Development a career-development program that equips top women agricultural scientists across sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate agricultural gains by strengthening their research and leadership skills, through tailored fellowships.

PIPS Placements

This 3-month integrated placement provides DTP PhD students the opportunity to carry out a work placement unrelated to their doctoral research during their PhD. Such experience is important both to help early career researchers understand the context of their research and to expose them to the range of opportunities in which they can apply their PhD skills and training after they graduate.


The DevSET Program

The Development Scientist Support Exchange Team is a network building and impact enhancing program aimed at linking up researchers from both life sciences and international development.



The Agricultural Scientist Support Exchange Team is a peer mentoring program aimed at pairing scientists from John Innes and African labs to create a two way evaluation and support team.